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xChess is a open source graphical chess user interface for numerous chess engines. It is written in Java programming language. Thus it is compatible with many different platforms and requires a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed on the target machine. xChess intends to implement multiple chess protocols to serve as a front end for many existent chess engines. XBoard and UCI are two most popular protocols and most of the chess engines support at least one of the protocols to communicate with chess user interface.

xChess also aim to work as a client with popular Internet Chess Servers (ICS) where one can log in and play game using chess client with other people from all over the world.

News 2007 April 15

This is another public release of xChess project and available for download. Many new features are added and old features are enhanced. It is unstable development release of xChess 0.03.

News 2007 March 10

This is the first public release of xChess project after a massive redesign of user interface. It is available for download. It is unstable development release of xChess 0.02.